SuperImprovers ( Scoreboard )

At the beginning of the year, teachers should decide classroom rules according to to the students’ ages and levels. Eveything should be clear. Students should know what is acceptable and not acceptable. Rules should be short and  inclusive, comprehensive. For example; one of my rule is ” Make smart choices” which includes so many behaviours in it. After that, you should decide punishments and awards in the class. They should keep in their mind if they obey the rules, they are going to get awards and if not, they will get punished.
I decided to use SuperImproviser( Scoreboard) which is from WholeBrainTeaching.

First two weeks, you suffer to teach the rules but, after two weeks, everything runs well in the classroom. Students take pleasure of it also teachers as well.
Decide your criterions and give them stars according to them. Every ten stars, they level up. Every level up give them some awards.
I started using that scoreboard this year. Off task students are getting less day by day.
If you want, I can send you whole pack of this scoreboard with colored worksheets.
Send me a mail!


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