Students’ Blogs

In my classroom, my students started using blogs. Every week, they have projects, posters or video assignments. They publish their assignments in their blogs and I check them weekly. They are more careful in the home works because their websites can be seen not only by their teachers but also all over the world.

Examples from my students’ blogs ””  “”

For a couple of years, especially with increasing level of educational technologies, teachers, schools and students started benefiting from technologies in the education. In the past we’re given worksheets to practice language. I remember my room when I was at the high school. There were so many papers all over the room. It was a pity that we’re expected to practice the language on papers. It was taking hours to finish all those rubbish, boring assignments. But now, the technology offers us so many different opportunities to use the language. Students can make video and voice recordings and prepare digital posters or books. Also, students enjoy doing home works by using technology.



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