Eliciting subject knowledge and ideas… Eliciting is a technique we can use to get learners thinking and saying what they know about a subject. It’s when we ask questions or give learners clues to get learners to say what they know about a subject rather than the teacher giving the explanation.  

Okay, tell me six words we can use to describe different forces.

Do you think that conditions are harder for people living in hot deserts or people living in cold deserts?

– Write down as many facts as you can about water.

Eliciting is important because:

  • it involves learners in the topic
  • it allows learners to connect the topic of the lesson to what they already know
  • it gives learners opportunities for language practice
  • it can stimulate higher order thinking skills and creative thinking
  • it allows teachers to find out what learners know so that they can build on it
  • However, eliciting can sometimes be difficult for teachers and learners.



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