Using Films and TV Shows in Language Teaching

Films and TV shows are effective tools for teachers to teach English when used properly.  They have so many advantages for ESL, EFL classes.  First of all, they are very motivating and entertaining. Ss enjoy watching them. Also, it has got authentic language. Ss can learn common vocabulary in meaningful contexts.It is a really beneficial input.However, most of the teachers see it as a weapon to calm down students and also using it for “babysitting”.  Ts shouldn’t choose the videos haphazardly. They have to check them before  lessons.  Furthermore, integrating the videos in your units and lessons are challenging.

Ts should have a clear objective about why they use these videos, pre-task, task and post-task acivities. For example; before the videos I present them some of the words and hava a brief talk about the video to activate schema of Ss.  If it is about ten minutes video, you can do” back to the screen” activity or “order events” “comprehension questions” for task and post task. For back to the screen activity : Divide the class into pairs with one group facing the TV and the other with their back to it. Then, after turning off the sound,  begin playing the movie. The person who can see the screen tells the other person what is happening. Then, after awhile,  switch the groups around…

I use “Mr Bean” “Prison Break” ” Back To Future” and some other videos in my classes.

Worksheets for movies is from Busy Teacher.

How to get film based lessons right is from British Council.

Learn English through tv-series is a blog post.

Learn English Teens Films is from British Concil.







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