Learner Strategy

The text below is from a student in Hong Kong. It is a good example how learning strategies affect students. What do you think about the case below? What kind of learning strategies do your students use?

“When I was in secondary school, I seldom asked questions. The reason was that the teacher always tried to explain the stuffs as detailed as possible, leaving no queries among students. Only the most curious student will ask questions. This method is well-known as the spoon-feeding education system in which we are fed with piles of notes and text books. On the other hand, students . . . only care about getting results good enough to enter a university. Students gradually become examination oriented. Eventually less and less students care about acquiring knowledge, which should be the aim of education. But in universities, things are totally different. Lecturers only give a brief talk on the topics,leave a hugh area for students to explore by themselves. This means that spoon-feedsystem no longer exists. Students cannot rely on the knowledge acquired in lectures.”

(Sandy [pseudonym], a first-year student at the University of Hong Kong)

40 active learning strategies

6 powerful learning strategies for students is from Gonzales


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