Read Theory

ReadTheory is an online reading comprehension website which evalutes learners’ reading ability and recommends suitable passages according to their levels. More than 1000 passages are available in different grades. It diagnoses students’ needs and sends texts accordingly. As students read and answer questions, ReadTheory presents new passages either more difficult or easier. You can use it both desktop and mobile. When learners create their accounts, they can access them whenever they need. Firstly, teachers need to create an account and create a class , invite or add students to the class. Then, students will have a pre- level test with different types of questions. Via that test, students will see their levels and start from the right level.Neither teachers nor students can decide the level. Teachers can monitor students’ progress on the progress page.They can get detailed reports to track and analyze progress using percentages, bar graphs, and tables. It is quite time saving for students and teachers. The texts are interesting and engaging for learners. Also, they get feedback for wrong answers. Moreover, the website is completely free. Students enjoy using this platform.


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