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Duolingo helps you learn new vocabulary and grammar through interactive games and quizzes both online and on their easy-to-use mobile app. Duolingo separates each lesson by category (food vocabulary, family vocabulary, the verb “to be,” etc.) and—on the desktop version at least—includes helpful tips and notes in case you need more explanation. Continue reading


Extra websites to follow

In my university, each of the students has laptops which were given by the university. we try to use them as much as possible in/out of the classroom. That’s why I suggested some websites  to follow in their free time. Some of them are for listening however some others are for grammar or vocabulary. I will share the list with you here.

Here is the list;







Jenifer ESL

Learn English with Englishclass101.com

Business English Pod

VOA Learn American English

Learn British English

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Plickers is an online assesment tool for classes. It is different from other platforms in a way that it offers rapid assesment in a tech-limited class. Questions  should be prepared in advance and presented on a screen. Students will hold up their responses with pre-prepared cards and teachers can scan the cards with a device(ipad or smart phones). Each card is different. Also, every side of the card represents a choice ( one side is A, the other B etc.) These cards are really appealing. Responses can be seen automatically on a screen. Results can also be printed to track students’ progress or show it to parents. It is a useful and an engaging tool. Students enjoy it. That kind of unusual assesment tools motivates students. Morever, the app is free. It can be used especially in a low-tech classes. However, there are only true-false or multiple choice questions. Also, printing cards for each student might be challenging. Continue reading

Read Theory

ReadTheory is an online reading comprehension website which evalutes learners’ reading ability and recommends suitable passages according to their levels. More than 1000 passages are available in different grades. It diagnoses students’ needs and sends texts accordingly. As students read and answer questions, ReadTheory presents new passages either more difficult or easier. You can use it both desktop and mobile. Continue reading


Quizziz is a fun classroom activitiy which enables students to practice together. All you need is to go to the website and search quizzes made by other teachers. Also, you can create your own quiz and share it with others. Time limit can be added. You can assign quizzes or do it “live” in classes. At the end of the quiz, teachers will have a list of students about their performances. With that data, you can easily diagnose  deficiencies. Gamfication elements like avatars, music, leaderboard and funny memes add to the fun. Continue reading

Connect with English

Connect with English is a website for English language teachers.  It helps students learn the language in different contexts. It is a story of Rebecca Casey, a young woman who lives in Boston. It has 48 episodes under four differet sections. Videos are very engaging. Every episode includes interactive activities. Also, the website is free. You can integrate the videos into your plans according to your topics.


Canva is a tool for teachers and students to create posters, cards, infographics, certificates. It allows students to use their creativity to  show their knowledge.It is very popular website, which has milions of users around the World.  In the website, there are millions of images and also you can upload your own pictures and images, as well. Furthermore, photos can be edited by using filters or advanced edit tools. Free icons and shapes with different fonts can be used for your designs. It is available in eight different languages.  I usually use it to design my own certificates for kids and give assignments to students to create multimedia posters in some specific topics. Continue reading


Wizer.me is an online platform for teachers to create interactive worksheets. It allows teachers to create quickly different types of questions; open questions, multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank etc. The content depends on teachers. For example, I prepare vocabulary quizzes for my EFL classrooms. Students enjoy it. Teachers can add different themes and background pictures to worksheets, which makes it fun for studens. Teachers can also put videos and multimedia materials to worksheets easily. It can be assigned to students via Google Classroom ,Edmodo a link or a code. If you prepare the answers  beforehand, papers are automatically  marked , which saves time for teachers.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a website for teachers and students. It takes some of the work  from classes to online platform. It allows teachers to create classes and add students in the website and creat quizes, send homeworks or announcements online. It’s going to let teachers have more time in classes. It is a kind of flipped classroom.  It has a really useful and easy interface. You can easily add students, send assignments, check them, switch classes etc. Also, apps for mobile phones are available. For more detailed information about how to use it, you should watch the video below.


Raz-Kids is a website that includes hundreds of leveled ebooks with e-quizzes. .  Students have to listen to the books first, then read them and lastly record their voices. Online Records let teachers digitally assess each student, saving valuable classroom time. All books are available 24/7 via the Web. Students can practice reading anytime, anywhere. Teachers can make assignments and track student progress with online assessments and student recordings.  Viewing reports is simple, for individuals, classrooms, schools and even districts!  Continue reading

Class Dojo

This app lets you create amazing classroom communities with students and parents. Teachers can communicate with parents and students privately- no need to exchange phone numbers.  You can give feedback to students for any skill like “Working Hard” and “Being  Respectful”.  Students also can share their works. Teachers can get parents involved by sharing photos and videos of wonderful classroom moments. I personally as a teacher use this app and I saw that everything gets easier. Parents and students can check everything about the lessons.

Flipped Classroom

For a few weeks, I have been in some conferences in ELT. I participated so many sessions about education, technology, classroom management etc. It seems to me that in the future we will be talking mostly about using technology effectively. One of the tool and method that I really like  is Flipped Classroom. I think It’s going to be more popular in the future. Flipped Classroom is delivering instruction online and moving “homework” to the classroom. 
–  Teachers creat videos about concept of the lecture for about 5-7 minutes.
– Send them to students online( Edmodo, Moodle, Google Classroom) and let Ss learn it at their own pace before coming to the classroom. They can stop or rewatch the video.
– Teachers can spend time differently and effectively, They can do more activities and play more games in the flipped classroom.







Puzzle Play

Hello Friends

This week’s assignment is Puzzlemaker. I think this is one of the most necessary projects because Vocabulary teaching is vital in education. Rather than using a stereotyped vocabulary teaching, we can use this website and prepare something different. There are ten diffrent puzzle types. I chose two of them which are “Double puzzles” and ” Word Search “.

Evaluation of a webquest

Dear friends,

        This week’s project is evaluation of a webquest. It was a extra ordinary project. I thought much on  this projoect. There are two famous websites that are Zunal and Questgarden. I believe webquesting can be hard tool for teachers and students because Turkish students can have difficulty in understanding so teacher have to tailor this project to studenst.But, if they can handle this project, It can be beneficial for students and they can enjoy it. 
         My webquest is about Australia from Zunal. Students can learn about the cities and the capital of Australia thanks to this project


Motivational effectiveness of Introduction: We can  see what is going to come or what I am going learn  after finishing the project clearly and shortly, There is also a picture of Kangaroo which resprensts Australia. 2/2

Cognitive Effectiveness of the Introduction : The introduction makes some reference to learner’s prior knowledge and previews to some extent what the lesson is about. 1/2


Connection of Task to Standards: The task is referenced to standards and is clearly connected to what students must know and be able to do to achieve proficiency of those standards. 4/4

Cognitive Level of the Task: Task is doable but is limited in its significance to students’ lives. The task requires analysis of information and/or putting together information from several sources.3/6


Clearity of Process: Some directions are given, but there is missing information. Students might be confused. 2/4

Scaffolding of Process: Strategies and organizational tools embedded in the process are insufficient to ensure that all students will gain the knowledge needed to complete the task.
Some of the activities do not relate specifically to the accomplishment of the task. 3/6

Richness of Process: Few steps, no separate roles assigned 0/4

Resources: There aren’t any resources.So, we can understand that students have to find resources. This can be difficult for students. 0 Point

Evaluation: Criteria for success are not described. 0 Point

Total 15/ 50 😦

How to use Edmodo effectively

Edmodo is a free tool that you can use as a teacher and student. It has 33 milion users on average. As a teacher, one can assign homeworks, create quizes, share links. It is also easy to use as it is similiar to facebook in terms of its interface. Moreover, one can easily sign as both a teacher and a student. You can observe more here.